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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Start Saving for Next Year - Entertainment Book 2014

I wanted to quickly share with you the new Entertainment Book 2014. I received mine in the mail today & I am excited! The Entertainment Book is full of coupons to use throughout the state (when ordering the Entertainment Book, you specify which metro area edition you need) and throughout the year!

I may be the first to tell you that the Entertainment Book is not for everyone. There are a lot of coupons, even entire categories of them that I simply won't redeem because I will never go to those particular locations. Also the cost; I've seen the Entertainment Book priced between $35 - $25 + shipping charges depending on which quarter of the year and where you purchase the book. However, don't let this shy you away from purchasing an Entertainment Book of your own. I really enjoy receiving and redeeming the following coupons: quarterly grocery store purchase, fast food & restaurant, retail stores, craft stores; and hubby likes the hardware stores and vehicle maintenance coupons. Also I'm hoping to use a few of the attraction coupons for family fun trips and date nights to the local museums, halls, theaters, and even the bowling alley. So while I know I won't be using quite a few of these discounts, I know that I will get my moneys worth from this coupon book and will likely purchase another copy next year.

I would love to know your thought on the Entertainment Book. Have you ever bought a copy of your local edition? What did you do with your unused coupons?

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