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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn Crafting: Felt Friends: Ghosts

This year for Halloween DH & I thought it would be fun to create a plush friend to join in the celebration. So we did!

I made the ghost on the left and named him Skreech; DH made the ghost on the left and his name is Bake (pronounced: ba-kay).
Materials We Used:
~ old file folder
~ pencil
~ scissors (paper & fabric)
~ white felt
~ hand sewing needle & thread
~ polyfil (recycled from an old comforter blanket)
~ fabric paints, ribbons, & buttons

Begin by drawing and cutting out a ghost shape on the file folder for a template. 

Fold the felt over itself and trace the pattern on the felt; then cut to create two shapes (a front and a back). Leaving the two pieces of fabric together, begin to hand sew all along the edge but leave at least a 1/2 inch margin and the opening to stuff the little guy. When you're done sewing but have left the stuffing hole, turn the fabric out so the stitching is now on the inside.

 Here's the fun part: stuff the fellow as full as he can be with the polyfil. I used the tips of the scissors to get the polyfil in his arms and tail. Once he's all stuffed, stitch the opening closed and fluff him a bit. Now take the fabric paint to draw on the face and any other features you want your friend to have, such as piercings or scars. And there you have it; a felt friend of your own!

You could stop here but DH & I were having fun so we also made costumes for our ghosts. Skreech is a superhero (even though it looks like a villain) and Bake is a mad scientist. We absolutely loved making our friends and we would love to see yours. Leave a link in the comment section so we can check it out!

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