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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Autumn Crafting: Treat Filled Dragon Eggs

For Halloween this year I made a bunch of Treat Filled Dragon Eggs, but I never published this post or even handed them out! (Hopefully I'll remember to gift them on Thanksgiving.) Well I think they are just too cool not to share, so without further ado here is the 5 step how to for my version of the Treat Filled Dragon Eggs!

Materials I Used:
~ last years plastic Easter eggs
~ treat fillers such as candies, rings, erasers
~ hot glue gun with extra sticks
~ acrylic paint
~ paint brushes
~ cardboard tubes (used as drying cups)

What I Did:
1) Wiped clean inside and out of each egg.
2) Filled eggs with treats and snapped close.
3) Covered eggs, making sure to go over the seam crack, with hot glue and let dry.
4) Painted two coats of acrylic all over the eggs, letting it dry between each coat.
5) Ta-da! Now the dragon eggs are ready to be discovered or given away.

I may have to make some more of these again for Easter next year!

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