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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shopping: Dollar Tree Haul 3.23.14 - Cosmetics

I want to quickly share my amazing Dollar Tree haul with you guys. It's not a lot but I am thrilled! Today I found some MILANI and Physicians Formula eyeshadows in the bathing/beauty isle. Now usually I don't purchase cosmetics at the Dollar Tree because the quality isn't always the best, but I simply could not pass up these litte wonders. I purchased two products from each brand and I do plan on going back for the other shades. Beginning with Physicians Formula: I purchased the Baked Collection Luminous Matte Finish Eyeshadow trio in number 2747 Baked Sugar and number 2749 Baked Sweets; and moving onto the MILANI: I purchased an eyeshadow pot in number 14 Blue Ice and a baked eyeshadow in number 608 Melange. I absolutely love the colors and all of the products go on rather light in pigment, which in my opinion is great because you can control how intense the color appears. Oooh and the main reason I wanted to share this is to fill you guys in on a little something. That same MILANI baked eyeshadow is $8.00 at my local CVS! I would hate to know how much all four compacts would have cost at a drugstore.... To sum up this post, take my advise: Spend your money wisely by purchasing this at the Dollar Tree; there is no reason to buy this product at the drugstores or markets when it's only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

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