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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shopping: Hobby Lobby Haul 6.28.14

Yesterday while crafting up goodies for The Nook, I ran out of supplies and miss placed my mini hot glue gun. So today DH and I did a small Hobby Lobby shopping trip today.

First we picked up the hot glue gun. I was extremely disappointed to discover that our Hobby Lobby didn't have the animal print glue guns so I had to settle for a plain blue high temp mini glue gun for $3.00. Then as we were headed towards the registers, I spotted the super glue gel. In the past I'd purchase the three pack at Dollar Tree but recently our two closest stores have been out of stock, so to save time and gasoline we decided to purchase the two pack of super glue gel at Hobby Lobby for $2.00. At checkout we used the 40% off coupon on the mini glue gun so after tax we paid a total of $4.10! Pretty nice, huh? Well that's it, that's everything we picked up today. Thanks for reading!

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