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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shopping: Hobby Lobby Haul 7.15.14

DH and I went to Hobby Lobby today and walked away with 13 items for a total of $14.00! How did that happen? Well all of the items we picked up were at least 40% off the shelf price, letting us get more for our money/save money. I never enjoy spending a lot of money but I couldn't be happier than when I shop so buying discount and clearence as well as using the 40% coupon is the way we go! Take a look below to see what we bought and how much money we saved.

First we investigated the Spring and Summer clearence isles, all of which was 80% off the sticker price! There were still a lot of goodies in stock but I had to limit myself or I'd be in big trouble. I absolutely could not walk away from the owl zipper pouch (was $8.00, paid $1.60) and I cannot wait to use the butterfly (was $8.00, paid $1.60) and the two flower reusable bottle stoppers (were $4.00 each, paid 80¢ each) for my homemade shaving oil, massage oil, and the such! I ended up purchasing two of the large size glasses cases (were $8.00 each, paid $1.60 each), one for myself and the other case as a gift for someone for the holidays this year!

More from the 80% off sale, I picked up the drawstring bag (was $4.00, paid 80¢) to use as a washable produce/bulk buy bag for shoppimg trips. I also spotted the butterfly tealight candle holders (were $2.00 each, paid 40¢ each) and had to snatch them up! I won't be using them for candles though, I intend to use one as a jewelry dish, another as a dedicated cosmetic brush cleaning bowl, and the last one will hold my extremely small vial of peppermint essential oil.

Finally we made our way to what we really went to Hobby Lobby for in the first place: key rings (was $2.00 per 10 ct pk, used 40% off coupon and paid $1.20) for the key chains I've been working on for The Nook! We also scored a small amount of holiday ribbon (was $1.00, paid 30¢) and some colored wire (was $4.00, paid $1.43) that will be used for other handmade goods to sell on The Nook.

So all of that awesome stuff plus $1.08 for state sales tax, equals $14.00! I cannot wait to go back as I would love to pick up a few more sale items to use for gifts and to craft for The Nook!

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