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Monday, October 14, 2013

Organizing Cell Phones & Remotes

First off I would like to apologize for not posting more frequently. I promise once I kick this cold The Nostalgic Nightingale will be updating with new content daily. For now you'll just have to make due with a few posts per week. I actually have a few really awesome posts you won't want to miss, so be sure to check back.

For this post I wanted to show you guys two easy organization methods I introduced to our bedroom. The first is a charging dock center for our cell phones or electronics; and the second is a storage pouch pocket for our remotes. I have seen many different storage solutions for your cell phones & such but I've found these really work for our lifestyle.

The charging dock center is where we store all of our cell phones and their accessories. I have used the zipper pouches for years as storage for our cell phone but previously I had them packed away in a three ring binder. Today I decided to put some nails in the wall and hang the pouch above the power strip we use to charge our cell phones. I love using the zipper pouches to hold my cell phone and accessories because I can easily grab the pouch & toss it in my purse and the cell phone or its accessories are not lost within the abyss.

As for the remotes, those are now stored away on the side of our night table in a little hanging pocket nailed in place. This way the remotes are no longer cluttering the top of the night table but still have a designated home.

I still have to label the cell phone center and the remote bucket but even without the labels these two solutions are really nice organizing ideas. I would love to know which solution you use in your own home to help keep organized your cell phones and remotes.

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