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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

General Crafting: Cardboard Pillow Box

For our first craft, I'd love to share with you guys a wonderful eco-friendly project that's fun for all ages. This craft is a very simply, very easy pillow box used for gift wrapping; created by reusing the cardboard tubing from empty toilet paper, paper towel, and wrapping paper rolls! 

Materials I Used:

~ cardboard tubes
~ scissors
~ convex template from an index card
~ pencil (optional)
~ ruler (optional)
~ scotch brand tape
~ thin crafting & gift wrapping ribbon
~ permanent markers, bingo markers, and dimensional fabric paint (optional)

To make a pillow box first create a convex template using an index card. I strongly suggest creating the template because, believe me, once you make one you'll want to make a whole lot more. So now you've got a template first thing to do is to flatten the tube.

Now either trace or skip the tracing and go straight to using the scissors to cut the oval sides.

Pop open the tube by gently squeezing the side creases.

Once opened, gently apply force to the oval sides causing them to fold inward, use a ruler to help secure the new creases. This will take some time, if you rush through this step the pillow box will not close correctly.

And that's the basics of making a cardboard tube pillow box! But before using these as gift wrap, I doodled on a few of the smaller sized boxes.

 Later when it was time to fill the boxes, I first used tape to secure the sides then decorative ribbon to tie it all together. Also I used bingo markers and dimensional fabric paint to create alternative gift tags.

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