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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn Crafting: 30 Days of Thanks 2013

Every time I log on the computer, my news feeds and inbox are flooded with multiple versions of "Days of Thanks" crafts, updates, and more. Seeing all the different methods really inspired me to start the "Days of Thanks" tradition with my family this year. I decided to go the more craftier route, and so we're making sort of two crafts out of our "Days of Thanks" tradition.

The first part of the project is to create the thankful leaves. I did this by tracing and cutting out a simply leaf design from different colors of construction paper.

I used different colored sharpie markers to write the date and the phrase "I'm thankful for. . ." along the edges of each leaf. In the center of the leaf I will complete the phrase on the corresponding date.

As for the second part of this project, I really really want to create sort of a pressed leaf scrapbook which includes pictures or tidbits for each leaf. I haven't quite planned it out yet so just be sure to check back later this month.

Participating in the "Days of Thanks" tradition?
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