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Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Family's Wish List: A Gift Suggestion Collection

I understand how hard it is to know if the gift I'm giving is something the recipient would want or be able to use. I don't want my friends and family to experience the same anxiety so I figured I'd share some gift ideas to help avoid that scenario.

Here is an on going and updated list of suggestions for gifts to give to everyone in our family! Some suggestions are links so be sure to look over them carefully.

Matt's Wishes
~ black ankle socks
~ larger than standard size thimble
~ gift cards to Hobby Lobby or Michael's craft store
~ assorted fabric collection
~ sewing patterns
~ assorted zippers, buttons, clasps, etc.
~ sewing kit - possibly a tackle box or hard case luggage on wheels

Kim's Wishes
~ energy efficient light bulbs
~ small hand held nail gun
~ disc binder
~ disc binder sheets (3 hole punched, 8 ct per page/4 per side)
~ crochet needles & yarn
~ design hole punches
~ size small leggings
~ reusable glass or steel kitchenware
~ homemade wall decor
~ homemade ornaments
~ a scrapbook
~ non metal jewelry
~ counter top meat slicer
~ counter top pasta maker
~ mason jars with lids

Princess TigerLily
~ coconut husk bedding
~ background scenes
~ hydrometer & thermometer
~ heating pad
~ glass mist spray bottle

~ homemade natural doggy treats
~ blankets & towels
~ food/water bowls - preferable a 2 in 1 bowl tray
~ collar
~ leash
~ leash light

More Suggestions
~ $20 tracfone minute card
~ $50 net10 unlimited everything card (not the international!)
~ dvd movies
~ cds
~ wii or ds games
~ books
~ bookmarks
~ blankets
~ key chains
~ journals
~ gifts in a jar
~ greeting/holiday/postal card sets
~ scarves & gloves
~ any crafting materials

I would love to know: Do you offer a wish list as a gift guide for friends and family during the holiday seasons?

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