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Sunday, November 10, 2013

General Crafting: Product Package Postcards

I've recently been thinking about writing our holiday cards this year. I'd already chosen the cards and began to address the envelopes when I was hit with the thought: "I really don't want to wait that long to let everyone know we're thinking about them". So I set the holiday cards aside and surfed until I found Parent Magazines pin of the recycled cereal box postcards. After noticing the craft was originally published in the Family Fun September 2013 magazine I quickly dug out my copy and flipped to page 22. The article didn't offer much of a tutorial so I decided I'd share how I created my version of the eco-friendly craft.

Materials I Used:
~ empty cardboard product packages
~ 4" x 6" template
~ pencil or marker
~ scissors
~ ruler

1) I completely opened the boxes so they would lay flat on the table and used the template to trace the postcard shape over the part of the design I fancied as the front of my postcard.

2) Next I cut out several card shapes. I was able to get seven 4" by 6" postcards from a standard size 12 pack canned soda pop box.

3) Then I flipped the postcard over to the blank side and used a ruler to measure & draw a vertical center line. (Measuring in 3 inches from the edge.)

4) In the top right corner I drew a 1" square for the stamp box.

5) Under the stamp box I added five 2.5 inch lines measuring 1 centimeter apart from another as a guide for writing the recipients address.

Note) I used a pencil to draw all of my lines but I may trace over them with the marker to make them stand out a bit more. Also save time by combining steps one and two by using a craft knife to cut around the postcard template.

I think a few product package postcards along with a nice pen, tied together with some ribbon would make a great gift set for anyone!

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