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Monday, November 11, 2013

Organizing Misc: How to Store Glass Clings

With the another holiday upon us, it's time to redecorate the house. But before taking anything down, it's best to know exactly how and where to store all of it. Remember the Spider Web and Critters Glass Clings I made for Halloween? Well I want to save those for next year as I hate wasting fabric paint in said manor, so I am using a space saving method of organizing and storing them.

I used a 3 ring zipper binder, page protector sheets, and trading card protector sheets to hold the different sizes of glass clings. The binder easily fits on my bookshelf and there is no concern about anything falling out because of the zipper closure. I chose the plastic protector sheets because I can use the same freezer method of removing the glass clings next year.

After I create and store away other glass clings I think I will use plastic labeled tab dividers to sort them by season and then possibly by holiday.

Do you have another method for storing glass clings?
Share your idea with us down below in the comment section!

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