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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Autumn Crafting: Ersatz Acorns

We know it's Autumn in Oklahoma when the leaves and acorns fall from the trees. It's not the blissful Kodak moment most think of; no instead with each gust of wind the foliage pours from the trees as ice does from a refrigerator door machine. Loud noises cause startling jumps and then giggles once the realization set in. But we're not afraid to venture outside, where we gather inspiration and materials to bring Autumn indoors. One inspiration is the acorn; and so one of the many creative ways to bring them into the home is by making these ersatz acorns!

To make these little cuties, I used:
~ acorn caps 
~ pom poms
~ hot glue gun with extra sticks

These are super simple and quick to create so I didn't bother with a picture tutorial. It's as easy as heating up the glue gun, putting a dot of hot glue in the acorn cap, and pressing the pom pom into the acorn cap until the glue is dry. I suggest waiting for them to dry over night if you plan to use these for other crafts or projects. I plan on displaying mine along with some crafted pine cones, but you could also use them for jewelry, visuals for teaching, or even game pieces!

What are some ways you plan to use your ersatz acorns?

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