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Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn Crafting: Hot Plush Potato

Tonight I want to share with you an original eco friendly craft I whipped up a few nights ago: a plushy potato! Not only is it a wonderful Autumn decoration but it's also great for the kids to play fake food and Hot Potato!

Quick and easy to make, this hot plush potato doesn't require a lot of materials, skills, or time so why not take a crack at making one or a few?!

To make the plush potato I used:
~  old nude color knee high stocking
~ polyfil from old pillows
~ brown embroidery thread
~ needle
~ scissors

I began by rolling a strip of polyfil into a cylindrical football shape. Then I simply stuffed it to the bottom of the stocking and tied a knot to secure.

I wasn't satisfied with the color so I doubled the stocking back over the bundle and tied another simple knot to secure. After that I trimmed the stocking; and used the needle and embroidery thread to sew eyes and dimples on the potato for a more realistic appearance.

Ta-da! Once you have your own plush potato you can play hot potato!

Instructions for playing Hot Potato - courtesy of eHow

~ One Person to Control the Music
~ Music Player (easy to pause)
~ Minimum of Two Players of any age
~ Hot Plush Potato

1) Gather the players in a circle, standing or sitting cross-legged. Explain the rules and make sure everyone understands how the game is played. Players need to be ready for a quick toss, so it helps for them to be prepared.

2) Hand a player the hot plush potato, encouraging the players to pretend it's actually hot and to throw it as quickly as they can to the player next to them. 

3) Call "Go" and begin to play the music, then the players gently toss the hot plush potato around the circle to each other.

4) Randomly stop the music, whichever player is holding the hot plush potato is "out" and does not play for the remainder of the game. Throwing the potato once the music has stopped does not count.

5) Repeat playing and pausing the music to start the next round of the game; the last player to NOT be holding the hot plush potato wins.

Do you have another game to play with the plush potato?
Share it with us in the comment section!

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