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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cleaning: DIY Liquid Soap

After completely cleaning my kitchen a few months back, my hands started to break out with ezcema. One of the reasons I break out after washing dishes is because of the lather and drying agents in the commercial liquid dish soap. I'm taking responsiblity for using a soap I knew would aggeravate my ezcema but I'm also taking baby steps to prevent this from happening again. The first step I've decided to take is to make my own dish liquid soap! I was inpired by the wonderful people over at after reading their diy dish soap post to create my own formula.

What I Used:
4 cp boiling water
2 tbsp borax
2 tbsp ivory soap shavings
30 - 60 drops essential oils

What I Did:
1) Brought 4 cups of tap water to a boil.
2) While the water boiled I mixed the soap and borax in a small bowl.
3) Once the water was boiling I removed it from the heat and slowly whisked in the powders.
4) Then I let the mixture set 6 - 8 hours in the pot or until cooled.
5) Finally I transfered the soap to the designated containers using a funnel; and added in the essential oils.

- This soap will coagulate, so be sure to shake before each use.
- This soap will not lather, merely turn the water cloudly.

To Use:
I fill my washing bin with rather warm water and then squirt in a few tablespoons of liquid soap. Once the bin is full, I'll add more soap if I want the water to appear cloudier. Scrubbed with a slightly abrasive sponge and rinsed under warm water, I know all my dishes are squeaky clean!

And before I end this post, I must apologize for the layout. Later I will try to go through and embed the photos next to the proper step number. Blogging on my phone has caused the photo to upload at the very bottom of my post with no way to change it other than recoding. Thanks for your understanding.

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