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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cooking: Apple Wedges & Nut Butter Snack

As I was preparing fresh fruit for a few snack and dessert recipes, the intoxicating citrus scent overwhelmed me and I had to take a quick break for snacking. Not only did I have two tangerines, but I also made some healthy organic gala apple wedges smothered with locally made honey roasted almond butter!

How I made this delicious crunch-able:
1) I cut one medium organic gala apple into quarter;, removing stem, seeds, and core.
2) Next I stirred the honey roasted almond butter as it tends to separate, then spread about one tablespoon of butter on each wedge.
3) For my beverage, I chose my favorite: organic 2% milk!

So maybe I kind of cheated by using store bought nut spread, but soon I do hope to share my own recipe for homemade honey roasted almond butter with y'all!

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