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Friday, January 3, 2014

Going Green 2014 - Day 1

As you can guess from the title of this post, it's going to be a (hopefully) daily series of small steps we're taking in our home to live more eco friendly. While we are already aware of how much we throw out and how much of that can actually be recycled in some positive way, we are very eager to explore new methods of not only recycling but also reducing what waste comes into our home and how to re-purpose other materials instead of simply dumping them in the land fields.

Well to begin, the first step we've already taking to go green is to recycle all paper.

Our paper recycle bin is nothing fancy or expensive, just a salvaged cardboard liquor box for collecting all of our unwanted paper. Every two weeks or so DH & I unload our paper recycling at a local church parking lot which has a big yellow and green dumpster for doing so. Also I wanted to point out that any sort of recycling is not mandatory here in Bethany,OK, but I do know that the residents out in Glendale,AZ will receive a fine if recyclables are found in the waste bins! I honestly wish our city had something similar or perhaps a rewards program for those that do recycle. I would absolutely take full advantage of the varying recycling bins.

I would love for you to share below how you recycle paper; or if you don't have a paper recycle station at home or work, I challenge you to create one and share a picture over on my facebook or google+ page!

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