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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shopping: Things I Don't Buy at the Dollar Tree

So after rediscovering the secret wonders my local Dollar Tree stocks, I decided to branch out and try a few products I normally would just pass by. This experience has been such fun but there are a few products that simply failed to impress me. This post is where I will share with you guys all the products I will not purchase again. Later I will link up my first impressions/reviews to this bulleted list but for now it's just a quick rundown. So let's begin!

* Enregin Foundation Tube - poorly constructed product, rather liquidy & melts even more when I tried to blend it out, super light coverage, doesn't build well, the tube hole opening (where the product is dispensed) is quite large.
* CircleaRanch brand Popcorn Chicken - I'd give these 3 out of 5 stars, I don't think the flavor is bad however I dislike the texture, DH has no problem with the texture and said he'd continue to buy this popcorn chicken.
* Neon Elastic Headbands - I initially purchased the elastic headbands without the elastic exposed but I can't seem to get these to work with my thin hair, I will be going back to purchase the other variety of elastic headbands to see how well those work for me.

Be sure to check back often for updates and information on other products I personally won't be purchasing again. What are some products you advise against purchasing from the Dollar Tree and why?

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