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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beauty: DIY Fizzy Bath Salt

Spring is here and I've just finished cleaning the tub, so that can only mean one thing - soak time! On Mothers Day I pampered myself a bit with a few lit candles, the 10th anniversary of les miserable playing in the background, and a lovely lavendar bath salt I'd purchased at my local farmers market. I had such a wonderful time; so much that I finished off the lavendar bath salt the very next day!

Well I didn't want the fun to end so I did a wee bit of research and after discussing it with my friends, I created a concoction I absolutely love. While I did very much enjoy the bath salt I purchased, I wanted something a tad different and with my eczema I had to be extremely careful not to worsen or provoke another outbreak. So with all of that in mind I finally settled on the following formula which I find to be quite unique as it really softens and nourishes my skin and I've not experienced any negative effects with my eczema.

What I Used:
2/3 cup Epsom Salt (I wanted to use 1 cup but I only had 2/3 cup on hand)
2 tbsp pink Himalayan salt
2 tbsp all natural baking soda (not arm & hammer brand!)
1 tbsp citric acid
1 tsp sweet almond oil
11 drops lavendar tea tree essential oil blend
8 drops pine needle essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil

What I Did:
1) In a medium bowl I mixed all the powder ingredients until well combined.
2) Then I added the sweet almond oil, and 8 drops lavendar tea tree, 6 drops pine needle, and 5 drops peppermint essential oil to the powders. I sort of smashed the liquid into the powders until the texture resembled damp stand.
3) After mixing in the oils, I thought the peppermint was a bit strong so I added an additional 4 drops of lavendar tea tree and 2 drops pine needle essential oil.
4) Finally I transfered the bath salt to a repurposed liquor bottle. This formula created enough product to fill two half pint Sailor Jerry glass bottles.

To Use:
~ Draw bathing water as hot as is tolerable; going for the sauna effect.
~ Add 2/3 cup fizzy bath salt to a standard tub full of water.
~ Immerse up to the neck for at least 20 minutes and begin simple breathing exercises.
~ Once finished soaking, rise from the tub slowly and cautiously as dizziness and/or light headedness may occur.
~ If desired, rinse under cool water in the shower. It's extremely important to use natural soaps/shampoos as the opened pores will absorb the chemicals from those products.
~ Pat skin dry with a clean fluffy towel and apply a natural moisturizer such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, etc.

A few more notes about bathing with this product:
~ Do not eat immediately before or after bathing with salts.
~ Stay hydrated by drinking filtered water before, during, and after bathing with salts.
~ After bathing with salts it's best to sit or lie down to let your body relax.
~ This particular bathing product does contain quite a bit of oil that when mixed with water can create a dangerous slippery mishap. Exercise extreme caution when using this product. Do not handle while in the tub, always add the salts and remove the container from the bathing area before getting in the tub!
~I also want to mention that I personally do not rinse off after using bath salts as I believe my skin needs all the beneficial oils it can get.

So that's my formula for diy fizzy bath salt that leaves skin silky satin soft. I can't wait to make more batches and test out new scents! I may even upload a whole other post covering the different eo blends I use with this bath salt formula. Let me know down below if that's something you guys are interested in reading; and that'll wrap up this post. Thanks for reading!

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