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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cleaning: DIY EO Blends for Liquid Soap

I've been making diy liquid soap for about 6 months now and I must say it is an experience everyone should try. One reason everyone should try making liquid soap is that you get to customize the scent, it's sort of like playing apothecary! Over the past few months I began recording the formulas of the essential oil blends I create to use specifically in the liquid soap; and well to be honest, those index cards are starting to pile up and get lost on my craft table. So I thought it's about time I share these blends on my blog. Below you'll find a completely random list of EO blends I've used in the liquid soap we use for washing hands and dishes. This list is a melting pot of EO blends DH and I mixed up and named, copycat formulas, and blends created by others. Also each blend formula below was used to scent repurposed 9 fl oz dish soap squirt bottles or approximately 1/4 of the diy liquid soap formula I blogged about a while back (check back later for update with link). Now on to the formulas!

Citrus Pez - thenostalgicnightingale
10 drops lemon
5 drops bergamot

Musky Mint - thenostalgicnightingale
12 drops peppermint
9 drops pine needle

Refreshing Morning - inspire by Sherry Morris member of EO safety group facebook page
16 drops orange
8 drops peppermint

Through the Wardrobe - thenostalgicnightingale
6 drops peppermint
5 drops pine needle
2 drops citronella

Outdoor Memories - thenostalgicnightingale
25 drops orange
10 drops nutmeg
1 drop citronella

Citrus Orchard - thenostalgicnightingale
12 drops lemon
8 drops orange
8 drops lavender & tea tree brand blend
4 drops bergamot

Warmed Citrus - thenostalgicnightingale
6 drops bergamot
6 drops orange
6 drops nutmeg

Untitled A - thenostalgicnightingale
12 drops lemon
8 drops tea tree
2 drops oregano

Well that's all for now, check back often for updates with new EO blends! We love to know, which one of these blends is your favorite?

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