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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shopping: Homeland Mini Haul 3.6.14

Today I had DH make a quick run to Homeland across the street to make a final purchase for this week sales. Well, to our disappointment, only one out of five of the products we were after was in stock.

The Crystal Light drink mix was on sale this week at $2.70 each. We used a tearpad coupon worth $1.00 off when you buy two Crystal Light drink mixes (8, 10, 12 qt, or On The Go 10 ct) with the expiration date of 3.31.15, which doubled giving us a $2.00 discount. By using this coupon in combination with the store sale we saved 50% and only paid $3.40!

These single pack drink mixes are the perfect size to toss in my snack pouch and the glove compartment in the car; and taste absolutely amazing! Which flavors of Crystal Light drink mix do you enjoy most?

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