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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shopping: OSU OKC Farmers Market 6.21.14

Remember last week when I mentioned placing a custom order with Yaya's Leather booth? Well I picked it up at the OSU OKC Farmers Market today, take a look!

Leather hair slides with wooden sticks! I saw a photo of some leather slides on pinterest and asked the brillant lady, Jo Ann Grundler, if she could make them and she did! These plain leather slides cost $5.00 each and the shape and front design can be customized. I'm excited to pick up a few more decorative ones!

I also picked up a little something from The Laughing Rabbit Soap Co.: two small soap holders for $1.50 each and a Green Tweed scented bar soap for DH. Personally I've tested and loved their Above & Beyond soap bar but I wanted something different for DH. The Green Tweed soap contains: saponified oils of soy, palm, rice bran, olive, and coconut; plus fragrance oils. The scent is spot on of a freshly laundered tweed jacket and at $5.00 per bar it's really a great purchase!

That concludes this post of my OSU OKC Farmers Market haul. I hope you guys enjoyed it and please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see in these farmers market posts such as pictures of the venders, other products, etc.

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