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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Crafting: Easy No Slip Clothing Hangers

While I was cleaning out my craft supplies stash, I came across a decent amount of pipe cleaners, which I never really use so I posted them as part of a vendor deal I'm hosting on our online Facebook shop The Nightingale's Nook. However, I had to remove them from the offer because shortly after I remembered a really useful craft for them I had seen while surfing Pinterest. These no slip hangers were original published on In My Own Style and you can check out her tutorial by clicking the link, but I could not pass up showing you guys the results of my finished products! 
I'm so glad I hadn't de-stash my pipe cleaners because I think I'm hooked on this little project! 

What I Used:
28 chenille pipe cleaners (four pipe cleaners per one adult sized hanger)
7 used white plastic adult sized clothing hangers
My trusty miniature hot glue gun (optional)

What I Did:
1) Bent the ends of the pipe cleaners approximately one inch towards the center; we'll call this the tab.
2) Held the tab against the shoulder of the hanger and began to wrap the pipe cleaner in a spiral around the hanger.
3) Once one pipe cleaner was spiraled, I extended it by wrapping another pipe cleaner directly next it to, wrapping up towards the hook.
4) After all my hangers were wrapped, I decided to use hot glue to affix them in place as my pipe cleaners could somewhat easily slide down the hangers.
5) I tried to make sure the dots of glue were on the bottom side of the hangers so that it wouldn't snag delicate clothing. 
6) Let dry a few minutes and they're ready to use, gift, donate, or do whatever you wish with them!

Seriously, this is a great way to customize and organize any closet in the house; not to mention how much prettier are they compared to their previous appearance?! If you don't have these supplies on hand, check your local dollar shop as I'm sure they'll have pipe cleaners and plastic hangers in stock.

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