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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Health: Budget Friendly ARUMPs Vendors

In my ongoing search for ARUMPs (alternative re-usable menstrual products) I came across a few links I really wanted to share with you guys. Now these links are for the budget conscience or those looking for products on the less expensive side of the scale and not all of them will be in 100% perfect condition, nor will you always have a choice of print/materials. Many vendors will list imperfectly made menstrual products as "seconds" which usually means there's a slight issue (usually in appearance and not functionality) in the stitching or the wings may not set evenly. So these "seconds" may find their way onto the list may times, but they are still great budget friendly options to consider.

  1. Party In My Pants Sample - $3.99 USD shipping charge
  2. Lunapads Pantyliner Sample - $5.00 USD shipping charge
  3. New Moon Pads Maiden Pad Sample - $5.99 USD shipping charge
  4. GladRags Free Color Pantyliner Plus Gift - $5.95 USD shipping charge
  5. Domino Pads Sample Kit - $3.45 USD charge, possible a S&H charge as well *This kit does not include a full size usable menstrual product, merely material swatches for you to get the idea of the fabrics used.*
  6. Sckoon Clearance Section - approx. $4.50 USD shipping charge on orders under $30.00
  7. Some of This Some of That Wingless Liner - $1.50 USD plus shipping charge
  8. Boy Named Sew - beginning at $3.00 USD plus shipping charge

*Please keep in mind, $10.00 plus the minimum shipping costs is not an unreasonable price to charge for a reusable menstrual product; and that price will increase and differ from product to product as well as vendor to vendor depending upon the absorbency level, number of snaps/buttons used, cost of special fabric prints, type of stitching, sewing experience, etc. *

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