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Friday, January 2, 2015

Binderizing: DIY Family Operation Manual - Day 2

Now that I have my tabs labeled, I can add some printed templates to help everyone stay organized. I created my own pages (free to use, links below) but you can use someone else pages or make your own and use those instead. :)

Today I added to following pages to my binder:

HP Snapfish free printable pages that you can put in your binder:

  • Folk Floral Print
  • Bold Basic Printables
  • Colorful Printable Planners
  • Printable Family Calendar and more!

There are two ways to use the free printables above. You can print and hole punch them then simply put them right into the binder, or you can print and slide them into clear page protectors then place the page protectors in the binder. By using the page protectors, you can use a wet or dry erase marker and save on printing supplies! 

See another easy day towards getting everyone on track. :) Come back Monday to see what else I have inside our family operation manual. I'd love to know what you think of the free printables I created; leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts or if you used another free printable available on the interwebs, leave a link to those so I can check them out!

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