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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Binderizing: DIY Family Operation Manual - Day 1

One of my goals for the new year is to share more about how my family gets organized and to begin I thought baby steps would be best. Each day I will post a small bit about the binder system DH and I use to ensure things are done, paid, purchased, etc on time and within our budget. 

If you wish to make a family operation manual or home management binder such as ours, you will need a few things. :)

Day 1 Supplies:
  • Minimum 1" binder
  • Tabbed dividers
  • Cover page (optional)
I actually have a lot of organizing supplies so the binder and dividers cost was $0.00 for me. (Yay for hoarding!) As for the cover page I printed a free design from and simply gave the system a cool name so hubby would use it. Then I placed the tabbed dividers in the binder and created a table of contents on the makers website that would best suit my family. 

That's it for day! See I told ya baby steps. Be sure to come back tomorrow and you may just want to have your printer ready! :)

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