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Saturday, October 17, 2015

PR: CJ - Wingless Panty Liner Set

This blog post is the continuation of my product review of Cloth Junkies wingless panty liner set; I'm beginning with number nine since I've already answered eight questions in the video. :)

9. How long is the average drying time (in hot and cold months)?
The overall average drying time would be around four hours. In the warmer months it only takes about two and a half hours while in the colder months it would be closer to six hours.

10. What about these panty liner and stains?
Two of the liners have stained (the liners in the center) while the other two haven't (the top and bottom liners).

11. Did the panty liner appear bulky through clothing?
No, and I couldn't even see the "corner" edges of the less circular liners.

12. Thoughts on the overall quality of stitching; any risk of lose thread?
Stitching, well we all know by now that I don't really prefer serged stitching but I am surprised that these liners have held up to the numerous uses and washes I've put them through.

13. How hard was the prep process for this panty liner?
To be honest, I didn't prep three of them (they were my first and I didn't know I was suppose to). The one panty liner I did prep was extremely quick and easy.

14. What product was used to clean and/or stain treat this panty liner recently?
Most recently I used pink Zote to clean these panty liners.

15. Thoughts on fabric print and print placement?
I'm indifferent to most of the prints and as for placement, well you couldn't really go wrong on fabric prints like those. :)

16. Did the panty liner slide, scoot, or move around while wearing it?
Not really, as I explained in the video when my panties go to the side I do end up bleeding on the side of the liners because they weren't "centered under my body".

17. Are the snaps easy to use?
Yes, I can easily fasten and unfasten the snaps on the wing base.

18. Was the panty liner overall easy to use?
Absolutely! With or without the wing base, these panty liners are a breezy to use.

19. Did the panty liner sit straight or was it slanted while wearing it?
At least one of the panty liners does sit slanted a little even after it conforms to my body, though it doesn't bother me and could easily be "fixed" by using the wing base.

20. Did the panty liner leak in any way, shape, or form?
No, only when the panty liner is off centered due to my panties will I bleed on the sides or "leak".

21. Are the snaps durable?
Yes, I haven't had any issues with them.

22. Did the panty liner absorb well (quickly, in the gusset, without leak)?
Using these panty liners for every day use and light menses, I would say they absorbed well.

23. Did the panty liner shrink after multiple uses and washes?
Yes, ever so slightly; maybe half an inch at most.

24. Did the panty liner bunch up while wearing it?
No, rather the liners conformed to my body.

25. Did the panty liner cause the panties to bunch up?
No, the liners being wingless really did prevent them from bunching up my panties; though a few pairs of my panties do bunch up when I wear the wing base.

26. Did the panty liner feel thick or bulky while wearing it?
No, even when mounted in the wing base I could barely feel these panty liners.

27. What drying method was using most recently?
Air/sun dry in the window sill overnight.

28. When and where do I feel most comfortable wearing these panty liners?
I feel most comfortable wearing these panty liners for every day use or for "my period may start soon" protection around the house or out and about visiting friends or shopping; not really for exercising or yoga mainly because I am afraid they may slide back and have other products to use when I'm working out.

29. Would I have purchased these panty liner knowing what I know now?
Yes, though I would like to custom order them next time so I can choose my prints. While I truly don't mind the prints I received, I would love to have a matching set of them. To be honest I would love to have a Monday through Sunday liner set, ya know, to match the panty sets. :)

30. Would I recommend these panty liner?
If you need every day, light menses, or cup back up protection and don't want a lot of extra material wrapping around your panties and rubbing against your thighs, then I would highly recommend these panty liners.

31. How was the customer service?
Top notch, Amy Iverson is extremely easy to work with, responds quickly, and is always professional on her Facebook pages/groups.

32. Would I purchase from Cloth Junkies again?
Absolutely; with budget friendly prices, nice quality, a lot of fabric print options, and top notch customer service, I'll definitely be returning to Cloth Junkies.

I think that wraps up my review of Cloth Junkies wingless panty liner set. Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, or objections by leaving a comment.
Thanks for reading!

*UPDATE: After sharing my review in Cloth Junkies' Facebook group, I received an update on the shape of the liners. Since I can insert photos here, I'll do just that. :)

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