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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

General Crafting: Engraved Snap Drying Straps

With March being craft month, I find it not only appropriate but necessary to start blogging about my passions again. I would like to begin with one of my favorite ARUMPs accessories, the snap drying strap! While these little strips may not look like much, they sure do come in handy when air drying my alternative reusable menstrual products each month! The directions to use a snap drying strap are quite simple: unfasten the strap, loop it around a rod, and snap it closed using the middle socket snap; then attach one snappable product to the last exposed socket snap and the remaining snappable products to the first, creating a chain.

What I Used:
Grosgrain Ribbon
BIC Lighter
Fabric Pencil
Assorted Plastic KAM Snaps Size 20
KAM Snap Installation Pliers
KAM Snap Die Size T8

What I Did:
1. Measured and cut the grosgrain ribbon in 14" - 14.5" strips.

2. Gently burned the cut edges of the grosgrain ribbon with the side of the flame from a BIC lighter.

3. Measured and marked .5" from the clipped edges and installed plastic size 20 KAM snaps.

4. Measuring 1" from the socket snap, I marked and installed another socket snap.

Now I do realize the cost of KAM installation pliers and plastic snaps may not be feasible for everyone to afford (especial to make one simple snap drying strap), so I would like to mention that I do offer engraved snap drying straps to purchase. You can check out my new Etsy shop to pick one out yourself at $2.25 plus shipping or you can take advantage of this blog post offer of a random engraved snap drying strap for only $4.25 shipped with tracking! (Offer is valid to only US residents at this time, I apologize for any inconvenience.)

Random Snap Drying Strap Options

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