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Monday, November 25, 2013

Autumn Crafting: Paper Poultry Legs

As Thanksgiving nears, I have been going crazy crafting all sorts of fun decor. One piece being a paper poultry leg craft found in the November issue of FamilyFun magazine! It takes less than ten minutes to create and even uses recycled materials! Personally I like the miniature legs, but the giant poultry leg is great for playing a fun hide & seek game! (I've included how to play the game at the bottom of this post.) Why not use this game to keep the kiddos busy on the big day?!

Materials I Used:
~ brown paper bag
~ white napkins
~ tape
~ newspaper
~ scissors

To make the giant poultry leg I began by cutting down the top of the brown paper bag until the bag stood about 7" tall. (I saved the scraps of the bag top to make the little drum sticks.) Next I filled the bag with balls of newspaper and twisted the bag to shape it so it resemble a real poultry leg. For the bone at the end, I used balls of napkins stuffed just inside the small bag opening and then covering it with another folded napkin. To secure the bone I used as much tape as I wanted until I felt it wasn't going to slip off the paper bag. The smaller legs took a lot more tape compared to the big poultry leg. My favorite leg is the miniature one in the middle.

Here's a version of the hide & seek game to play on Thanksgiving day!

To play you will need:
1 Paper Poultry Leg
1 non player "game warden"
Minimum of 2 players "hunters"

Begin the game by choosing a designated "game warden". The "game warden" hides the paper poultry leg while the "hunters" have their eyes closed or are in a different area. Once the poultry leg is hidden the "hunters" must search for it. The first "hunter" to find the poultry leg gets a prize such as candy, bragging rights, or even to carve the actual turkey this year!

What are some other prize ideas?

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