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Monday, November 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Cleaning: How to Clean a Humidifier

One home remedy for over coming the cold & flu is to use a steam humidifier or vaporizer. Of course the machine should be cleaned with a hot soapy sponge after each use, but after 5 uses it's suggested the filter be cleaned.
Read below about how I deep cleaned my humidifier today.

I began by washing the bin with hot soapy water and dried it with a paper towel.

Then I carefully wiped out the inhalant medication bowl on the filter with a hot soapy sponge and dried it, too, with a paper towel. I use essential oil blends in my inhalant medication bowl so it took a bit of scrubbing to clean mine. See the little orange corner on the sponge? That's from an orange, nutmeg, pine tree blend!

Next I used the machine as I normally do: filling the bin to the marked max water line, adding a few pinches of iodized table salt.

I happened to have these nifty little cleaning tablets; which the directions read: "After every fifth filling, drop one tablet into water. Follow operating instructions which you received with your vaporizer. As vaporizer operates, the cleaning tablet will help loosen and dissolved mineral deposits forming on the heating elements. Water maybe come cloudy due to the suspended materials, but the steam produced is clean. Rinse after each use." So I did that and replace the filter top.

I did omit the essential oils when I used the cleaning tablet; I thought it was best. So there you have it: a nice, clean, ready to use humidifier!

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