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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Going Green 2014 - Day 5

Most mornings I enjoy a fresh cup of steaming coffee to start the day. And of those coffee cup mornings, every single one of them I toss the used coffee grinds into the waste bin; but little did I know that I actually could be repurposing those used grinds instead of allowing them to sit in the land fields. After a bit of research I'm ready to share my list of 20 ways to repurpose coffee grinds!

A) In the Garden
   1) Mix soil and coffee grinds to make a fertilizer in a 4 to 1 ratio
   2) Sprinkle grinds on the ground or around plants to deter cats, snails, slugs, and ants - be warned that some dogs will eat the grinds and become ill
   3) Steep the grinds in warm water and let cool, then use to water plants
   4) Simply place grinds in the compost - take caution as acidity level can kill the worms
B) In Beauty Products
   1) Makes a great exfoliator in any scrub
   2) For those with dark colored hair, brew grinds again and use as a hair rinse
   3) The grinds and brew are perfect for a touch of aromatherapy in bath bars, face masks, etc
   4) The caffeine in the coffee energizes the skin giving a fresh, glowing appearance
C) As Crafting Supplies
   1) Pin cushion filler - prevents pins and needles from rusting
   2) Scented sachets
   3) Use brew as a dye for fabrics, paper, even food!
   4) Use dampened grinds as a wood stain
   5) Jar filler for cosmetic brushes, candles, kitchen utensils, pencils, etc
   6) Faux dirt in snow globes, textured pictures, etc
   7) Mix grinds in when rebatching or making candles from scratch
D) To Clean
   1) Use to wash hands of intense odors such as onion and garlic
   2) As a deodorizer in the freezer, refrigerator, closets, drawers, waste bins, etc
   3) As an abrasive for cleaning delicate or just grimy kitchen wares
   4) Sprinkle generously in the fireplace (and ashtrays) before cleaning to inhibit dust puffs
   5) Mix the grinds with a little bit of EVOO to make a shoe shine paste for dark scuffed shoes

So today's going green challenge is to start saving used coffee grinds and to share below how you plan to repurpose coffee grinds in your home!

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