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Monday, January 6, 2014

Pets: DIY Cleansing Dog Scrub

Today I decided to try out a few formulas I'd been working on to create my own dog bathing products. I don't enjoy buying commercial dog products, especially to discover my little Ema is allergic to them. So instead of purchasing more commercial product, I've concocted two all natural dog bathing products for Ema's bath time. This post is my formula for a cleansing dog scrub!

What I Used:
1/4 cup ground oatmeal
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
plastic zipper bag

What I Did:
1) Placed ingredients in zipper bag and squeezed the air out before zipping closed.
2) Next I knead the bag to thoroughly combine the ingredients.
3) Using the scissors, I snipped off one corner for dispensing the concoction.

How I Used this Dog Scrub
1) To begin, I filled the tub half way with warm water and wet Ema thoroughly.
2) Second I squeezed the cleansing scrub on Ema's neck, back, tail, belly, and paws.
3) Next I rubbed the scrub gently into the fur to ensure a deep cleansing.
4) Then I rinsed Ema with warm water and rubbed even more to remove all the oil.
5) This is optional but I did follow up with an all natural orange infused vinegar rinse.
Notes: This formula creates enough cleansing scrub for one wash of a small dog. If you have a medium/large or multiple dogs, double or triple the formula.

I'd love for you to share below one tip you have for bathing pets.

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