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Monday, January 6, 2014

Organizing: Filing Paperwork

How many of you made the new years resolution to get paperwork organized?
While not one of my personal resolutions this year, I did want to share with you guys how I keep track of some of my important documents. I do utilize multiple methods of organization to store all of my family's documents and below is just one example of a filing system. Keep in mind that this method may not meet your organizing needs and that's okay, find a filing system that you understand and are comfortable accessing to ensure continuous usage.

What I Used:
~ expandable locking carrying case
~ file folders
~ neon sticker labels
~ ink pen
~ hanging file folder tabs
~ unorganized paperwork

What I Did:
1) I gathered all our paperwork that needed to be organized.
2) I created main category labels by using sticker labels on the hanging folder tabs.
3) I sorted out the papers accordingly; recycling and shredding unwanted papers.
4) I created subcategories on the regular file folders using the same sticker labels.
5) Finally it was time to store papers under the appropriate sections.

How I File Important Documents
1) color coded -
   orange: current/this year
   pink: past/last few years
   green: Matthew's papers
   yellow: Kimberly's papers

2) label location -
   center: main category
   left/right: subcategories

3) file location -
   left: current
   right: past

4) read the labels -
   Bills: rent, electric, internet, car insurance, car repairs, paper, etc.
   Kimberly's: bank info, mag subs, etc.
   Matthew's: bank info, pay stubs, etc.
   Health care: natropathic, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, otologist, etc.
   Pet care: Ema, TigerLily

I'd love to know: how do you file away bills and other important documents?

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