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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cleaning: Homemade Windshield Washer Fluid

Not too long ago I read an article that discussed the dangers of using commercial windshield washer fluid (check our google plus page for a link) and I couldn't have been happier that DH and I have stopped purchasing all those nasty, harmful chemicals. Instead we've been using a much safer homemade version and today I'm sharing our windshield washer fluid formula with you guys!

What I Used:
Label and tape
8 oz isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70%
1 oz liquid uncented castile soap
1 gallon tap water
4 drops green food coloring, optional

What I Did:
1) Created a label on the computer and used packaging tape to affix it to an empty plastic jug.
2) Slowly poured in the rubbing alcohol, liquid soap, and food coloring respectively then sort of swished the jug to mix the liquids a bit.
3) Topped off the jug by gently adding the tap water so the contents doesn't bubble excessively.
4) Secured the lid tightly and swished it again to ensure dilution.

To Use & Notes:
~ Pour homemade windshield washer fluid into correct compartment under vehicle hood.
~ During colder months and those living in colder climates, use a higher percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol and/or double the amount used to prevent concoction from freezing.

It's that simple and inexpensive to make at home so go on and give it a try!

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