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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cooking: Non PB&J

Today I decided to test out a new snack inspired by a recipe I read in the April 2014 issue of Prevention magazine (page 26). It's super simple to make, surprisingly tasty, and only has 208 calories!

What I Used:
1 slice organic sough dough bread (100 calories)
2 tsp roasted almond butter (60 calories)
2 tsp chia seeds (40 calories)
2 medium fresh strawberries (sliced, 8 calories)

What I Did:
1) I removed the crust and cut the bread in half (personal preference); toast if desired.
2) I then spread 1 tsp nut butter per bread square.
3) Then I followed up by sprinkling 1 tsp chia seeds per bread square.
4) Finally I topped it off with slices of fresh strawberries!

I was completely surprised by the delicious taste as I usually don't eat fruit with bread including fruit pies and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; also the chia seeds added a nice crunchy texture. Overall I really enjoyed it and may have to add it to our pantry staples. Now we just have to see what DH thinks of it.... :)

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