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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Nostalgic Nightingale's FAQ

Scroll down to read more about the person behind the posts in an easy to read FAQ!

#1)  Who are you? (may redo later, check back soon)
        Me: "Hi, my name is Kimberly and I'm an amateur blogger."
        Audience: "Hi, Kimberly."
        Me: "I'm a stay at home soon to be wed 22 year old high school graduate who loves to create. I have been with my fantastic fiance for almost 5 years now."
        Audience: "Congratulations, Kimberly."
        Me: (smiles) "Thank you."

#2) What are you blogging about?
        The Nostalgic Nightingale is about my hobbies, interests, and daily life, which are defined by the navigation tabs on the top of the blog page. These include but are absolutely not limited to:  cleaning, cooking, crafting, gardening, holidays, organizing, reading, and shopping.

#3) Who is this blog primarily for?
        I suppose the answer would have to be anyone who deems it worthy to read daily and subscribe. Though I must admit there is quite a bit of self interest invested in The Nostalgic Nightingale as I started this blog in hopes of recording all the different things I create or think about in one central location that I can access from any computer or mobile device (assuming they permit blogger websites).

#4) How frequently do you blog?
        I hope to update content daily if not multiple times per day. But don't let this scary you off as in the beginning there are a lot of what I call "launching posts" that I feel are a requirement to any serious and successful blog (i.e. all the tab links, contact me, about me, logo/button, legal stuff, etc.).

#5) What makes you an expert?
        Well I certainly do not claim to be an expert, though I did have one other blog before this. The Nostalgic Nightingale will hopefully be a plethora of creatively experimental content. I plan to learn as I go, and share the information I discover on this blog.

#6) Do you accept advertising?
        I do not accept advertising at this time.

#7) Will you accept pay for play?
        I'm not sure what that even means. If someone serious offers, I'll do some research & update this faq.

#8) Are you associated with another blog?
        Hmmm, No. I believe I will no longer be posting to my previous blog nor am I currently "in cahoots" with any other blog on the web.

#9) Are there any blogs you recommend?
        Why yes there are a few, quite a few. Please check back later for a link to said list.

#10) Is this your first blog?
        Nope, as I mentioned before I had one blog before this but have decided that my interests expanded beyond that particular blogs initial intent. In case you were curious, my first blog is titled "Couponing 102: The Art of Paying Tax" and can be found on blogger.

#11) How long have you been blogging?
        I had my previous blog for approximately four years. This blog I literally just started, so maybe one day. I know it's not too terribly long but I plan to continue The Nostalgic Nightingale for quite some time.

#12) Do you accept products to review?
        I'm on the fence about this one. I would love to review a product before it's available to the public, but I'm not so in love with the idea of legal throw downs over what some may deem a negative review. For now I think I'll just stick to possibly posting reviews over products I purchase or received as a gift.

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