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Sunday, August 3, 2014

From My Closet & Vanity: Day 22

I've decided to start posting the "From My Closet" and "From My Vanity" series here on the blog while continuing to share my outfits over on our facebook page and pinterest account! If you're new to these series, it's really quite simple. From My Closet is a series of outfits I've worn that were created from clothing I already own. From My Vanity is a series where I share the accessories and/or cosmetics I accompanied with each outfit. I don't always wear cosmetics and/or accessories so the From My Vanity series won't be posted as often as the closet series. Also to see the previous xxx days, please visit either our facebook photo albums (closet & vanity) or pinterest boards (closet & vanity) as I will not be transferring those to the blog. See simple, so let's get started!

Here is a very rough run down of today's attire and accessories:
~ orange sandals
~ floor length black with coral and yellow floral print skirt with little black buttons on the front
~ bright orange tee shirt
~ Candies brand eyeglasses
~ handmade scrabble tile, stone, and sparkly moon necklace
~ four orange, yellow, and/or brown themed bracelets

I was very much going for the "comfortable and relaxed but decent enough to go into all sorts of different places" look; and I think I accomplished it especially by keeping my hair down and passing on the cosmetics. What are your thoughts on this particular outfit? Leave a comment below to share with us!

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