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Friday, April 25, 2014

My Easter Surprise - A Gift Basket from DH

Hey everyone,

After sharing the Easter gift I made I just had to share the basket I received from DH. Boy was I surprised because I was so busy with the gifts I was making I didn't notice him getting me anything! First the complete basket:

Surprising isn't it?! I love how absolutely girly it looks. I just had to tear right into it.

A quick rundown of what I received: a plastic Disney princess pink pail with shovel, a Disney fairies kite, two sets of dimensional owl shaped stickers, a bunny shaped nail brush, two MILANI single eyeshadow compacts, a Disney Rapunzel magic towel, and a small stuffed teddy bear.

I really love everything DH got for me and I can't wait to go fly my new kite and play with my pail at the park! The cosmetics are perfect for me, one compact is blue ice and the other is the baked eyeshadow in melange and go wonderfully with my make up collection. The little bunny nail brush is so adorable I want to carry it around with me; and the magic towel easily fits in my "in case" purse pouch! I don't know exactly how I'll be using the owl stickers, but I sure do love them and will definitely share those crafts with you guys. Oh and as for the stuffed teddy bear, well his name is carmelo and he currently resides in my purse.

I had a great Easter this year, it was nice to spent it with my family and friends and I hope you all had great Easters too. We'd love to hear from you, leave a comment or link below to share your Easter Sunday with us!

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