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Friday, April 25, 2014

Organizing: Small Toiletries

Inspired by a Pinterest photo ( will update soon with links), I finally cleared out a whole shelf in my bathroom cupboard of all those free toiletries samples. I used to store trial and travel size bottles in an old cardboard shoe box, but look at how beautiful they are when displayed!

Super simple, it only requires a medium or large glass piece. I actually received this vase as part of a holiday gift for DH back in December, it was filled to the rim with chocolates! After eating them all I decided to save the vase to reuse later instead of donating it. I'm glad I saved it because I can't stop gawking at my toilet back display. So in the end this organizing solution cost absolutely nothing yet it's absolutely amazing!

Leave a comment or link below to share how you corral small sample toiletries.

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