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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shopping: Past Dollar Tree Haul

A while back I'd began sharing my Dollar Tree hauls with you guys and to be honest I don't know why I stopped posting that series. I have a lot of fun searching for, picking up, and testing out all sorts of new products and I think the Dollar Tree is the perfect place to begin. Well this post will go over a few products I had picked up a while back that my family love to use. Let's dive right in, shall we?!

I go through cleaning sponges like tissues because I'm super ocd about clean dishes so these Scrub Bubbies brand two pack printed scrub sponges are a staple in our home.

Another one of my favorite products the Dollar Tree offers is the Bounty brand single roll paper towels. There's sometimes a coupon available in the Sunday paper for 25¢ off a single roll making these 73¢ including tax, perfect for when we're in a pinch!

This Home Store brand four roll bath tissue is another staple in our home. I honestly preferred this brand over the Cottonelle toilet paper; and I personally find the texture comparable to one of the Charmin varieties.

First let me say that I do understand this is not the most economical place to purchase drinking water but when I'm out of bottled water at home and the water pitcher needs a new filter and I'm low on cash, I'll pick up a package of the Crystal Geyser bottled water 6 count to tie use over until our next big grocery shopping trip.

When purchasing apple sauce from the Dollar Tree, I have to be careful due to the different varieties available. DH will eat any of them while I really prefer the sweetened or strawberry variety but overall it's taste and texture meet my standards.

I was surprised to find two varieties of Kellogg's pop-tarts on a side isle display, the chocolate peanut butter pictured above and a double peanut butter. We actually purchased both varieties but I found the chocolate peanut butter was eaten up much quicker than the double peanut butter. Still a great buy for only $1.00!

One of my childhood favorites, these Lance brand peanut butter filled cheese crackers are so delicious I can't seem to keep them in the house! These are the smaller packs containing four sandwiched crackers per individual sleeve but they are perfect for me to toss in a small lunch pouch for my purse.

As for these frozen Golden Krust Jamaican spicy beef patties, I honestly can't say much about them because I have not personally tried them. DH however absolutely loves them and tries to purchase one every time we visit the Dollar Tree with the freezer section (only one of the two stores the visit has freezer foods).

And that pretty much sums up this past Dollar Tree haul. I will try much harder in the future to post these shopping hauls on the same day I purchased them as I'm sure you guys would rather hear about it sooner than later. What did you buy at the dollar shop this week? Post a comment or link below to share with us!

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